Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions that we’re frequently asked about Hired Hitch and the service we provide.

On demand delivery is a new way to move that’ll save you time, money and headaches. As the term “on demand” infers, you can instantly schedule a pickup and we’ll be there to move your stuff. No longer do you have to wait weeks to schedule a mover, days to pickup a rental or months waiting on your friends.

Fill out a free estimate, book your move and we’ll be there when you need us.

Not in the traditional sense. We specialize in local moves and deliveries. We provide you a driver who will arrive with a trailer and help you load your things.

If you are not able to assist with loading and unloading you can request a helper as well for an additional fee. The helper will work with the driver to load and unload your things.

When everything is loaded the driver will move your things to the delivery location.

You name it! We’re not a large moving company. We specialize in local “light load” delivery.

Here are some common things we deliver for customers:

Basically, we deliver the stuff you can’t. The stuff that doesn’t fit in your car or truck.

We get asked to move a lot of things. Either due to size or weight some things just don’t fit into our “on demand” model of moving. Some of the things we’ve been asked to move, but unfortunately are not able to do are:

  • Sheds. Like the kind that are in your back yard.
  • Hot Tubs. Typically these are just too bulky for 2 people to load and likely too large for our drivers vehicles and trailers.
  • Large industrial equipment. Typically items like this are just too heavy for most of the trailers we’re able to provide.

Our drivers will assist you in the loading and unloading of your items when needed. Our drivers can not typically do this by themselves however so be prepared to help.

If you know you will require assistance with the loading and unloading portion of your move please let us know in the move notes. We can provide a helper for your move for an additional fee.

Generally we’re good guys and the people we hire are as well. We will help in any way we can. Just remember, our drivers accept tips! :)

While we always do our best to help our customers in any way we can, installation of appliances and other items is not a service Hired Hitch provides. Due to the liability involved we are very strict about this.

Quite simply…we’re cheaper, easier and faster.

Don’t waste your time driving all over town. Don’t worry about rental places being out of trucks or trailers on the weekends.

You tell us where to be and when. We get your stuff loaded and off we go. Once we’re there, we’ll unload your stuff and you’re done. And don’t worry, you don’t need to fill up our truck when you’re done.

Someday, when we’re all grown up, we want Hired Hitch to work like a taxi service. If you need someone with a trailer in 30 minutes at your local hardware store to move something for you you can book your move right from your phone and we can have a driver there for you.

Right now, we’re new. We’re growing, but we’re new. We will do everything we can to have a trailer to you when you need it, but it’s helpful if we have a 12 hours notice.

Typically there is no cancellation fee. However, if the driver is on their way to the pickup location and the move is cancelled at that time a $20 fee must be paid to cover the expenses of the driver.

This isn’t something that happens often, but it can happen when dealing with online sellers that use services like Craigslist.

​Some of our drivers have enclosed trailers while others have open utility trailers. We do our best at all times to be sure your things are safe and sound, but unfortunately there is no way of guaranteeing that your items won’t get wet or damp.

If it is a priority to you that your items don’t get wet and it looks like it’s going to be raining at the time of your move please contact us at least an hour in advance and we will work with you to find another, drier time to move your items.

In short, as accurate as can be.

We have written a nifty estimating system that uses Google Maps to choose our best route, estimate how far we will be driving and how long it will take for us to drive. We also estimate how long it will take you to load and unload your items based on how many items you’re moving. Generally the actual price of the move only varies up or down by a few dollars.

You’ll even see a map of the route we’ll take when you complete your estimate so there’s no guessing.

So are our estimates perfect? Of course not, it’s an estimate, but they’re pretty darn good!

Our estimated price is based on an approximate time it will take to load and unload your items. If the actual time it takes to load and unload is more (or less) than the price will vary slightly from the estimate.

Keep in mind this means that the final price could be cheaper than the estimate we provide if your items are loaded and unloaded quickly.

​Payment is made using debit or credit card on the spot. When you’re done unloading your things we will swipe your card and the payment will be authorized immediately. If you wish to leave your driver a tip that can be added to the transaction as well.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

A receipt can be emailed or sent via text message to you if you wish.

​We do not allow our customers to pay with cash. This is for the safety of everyone involved. We also do not allow our drivers to carry cash around to make change. All major debit and credit cards are accepted as payment and for tipping.

​Like often happens at restaurants and other establishments that accept tips, a temporary hold is put on the original amount before the tip. Once the final amount is determined the hold is released by your bank or credit card company and the final amount is charged. This can even happen with declined or interrupted charges. Here is more information from our credit card processor…

If a payment is canceled or interrupted, your customer may see a pending transaction on their card statement. It may look like the charge has posted to their account, but it should fall off after a few business days. Square sends a void notification to the bank as soon as a payment becomes voided. This notification informs the bank that Square will not be capturing the funds in question. Once this notification has been sent, it is the bank’s responsibility to release any hold on those funds in the cardholder’s account.

The key to saving money when using Hired Hitch to deliver your things is having things ready to load and unload in a timely manner. The longer it takes for you to load up the trailer and subsequently unload it the more it will cost.

For example, lets say you need to move a table and chairs 8 miles and your items are ready to be loaded when we arrive it could cost somewhere near our minimum fee. but if it takes you 20 minutes to move your table and chairs from the house and get them loaded on the trailer there will be an additional $10 - $14.

We also occasionally put promotional codes in our marketing so keep an eye out for that. These can save you up to 20% on any move you schedule.

No, not at all. Please be sure that the seller understands they will have to load the trailer without you.

We can and have been many times. We have the network of drivers you need to get your important things delivered in a timely manner without the worry. There may be jobs that are too big, but certainly there are none that are too small!

Not currently, but we’re just getting started. In order for your moves with Hired Hitch to remain affordable and easy we can only accommodate deliveries that are somewhat short in length.

Currently we’re serving Grand Rapids, Lansing, Battle Creek and surrounding areas.

If you don’t live in these areas don’t worry, we’re working hard to expand Hired Hitch to other markets and eventually nationwide. If you’re not sure, just ask! We’ll be happy to help if we can. Use the form on the Contact Us page to let us know where you’re at.

For insurance purposes and the safety of everyone involved, Hired Hitch drivers are not allowed to let a customer ride in their vehicle.

We’re a new company and we’re growing quickly. If you have your own truck and are interested in some extra income contact us and we will make arrangements for an over-the-phone interview. You may also visit our Driver Portal to view more information about being a driver for Hired Hitch.

All drivers for Hired Hitch must have their own truck and trailer and are subject to a background check.

​Drivers for Hired Hitch get 60% of every delivery made. Plus, if you’re nice you might get tips too!

Take your pick! You can reach us by phone at (616) 920-0655. You can email us, and lastly you can send good ol’ mail.

Our address is:
Hired Hitch
1971 E. Beltline NE
Suite 106 - 733
Grand Rapids, MI 49525